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Testimonials From Customers ...

What follows is feedback submitted by my clients from all over the world, who have profited from using How I Sell My Domain Names: A Weekend Crash Course and the resources in the Member Area.

Undoubtedly, one of the highlights of my day, is receiving email from you telling me how much this program means to you and how much you have learned and earned from it! A big Thank You to everyone who has written to share with me your thoughts and allowing me to share it with the world.


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"Anyone Can Increase Their Profits With This..."

"Edwin, I was going to wait until the weekend but couldn't resist. I really enjoyed reading this and found myself glued to it until the very end.

You should be commended on a thorough but straightforward manual for brokering domain names.

I strongly believe that anyone adhering to your easy to follow methods would substantially increase their chances of making a profit buying and selling domains."

Internet Goldrush

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"Proven Ways To Make Money With Domain Names..."

"Edwin, your product "How I Sell My Domain Names" is packed with tips and resources. It will be the first 'domain name profit' ebook I recommend to my Domain Blueprint column readers and newsletter subscribers.

It shows people in proven ways, how to make money with domain names."

Alexander Teo
Columnist, Marketing Architect

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"So Solid In Information...So Valuable..."

"This is not your regular 'read-it-and-do-nothing' type! This is so SOLID in information and so valuable that I have to PRINT it all and read it entirely several times before INVESTING in any other domain names.

This manual can HELP all serious people to AVOID *huge* mistakes in the domain buying-selling business and finally succeed in this profit-pulling niche.

Here's a valuable TIP I learned: - do not purchase a made-up domain in the hope of selling it!

Edwin, thank you!"

Codrut Turcanu

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"Honest & Informative..."

"I think your resource is the best one around. Very honest and informative."

Jerry Walker

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"I Am Glad I Signed Up..."

"You really know your business, I am glad I made a solid contact with a very knowledgable individual!!"

Tom Sanchez

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"You did an excellent job providing all the information. I had no idea there was so much to it!"

Richard Quek

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"Very Impressed...Immediately Felt Confident.."

"I was very impressed by the down-to-earth, easy-to-understand information and the realistic appraisals.

I immediately felt confident that here is a man who really knows what he is talking about!

Mark Jordan, Ireland

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"An admirable project...very impressive."

Matthew S. Bentley
Director Of English Operations

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"I Have Never Written A Letter Like This..."

"I have never written someone a letter like this -- but I have rarely had the kind of BRAINSTORM I had with your product!"

Kevin Bidwell
Internet Marketing Guru

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"Good Job..."

"Edwin...You did a good job. I think many people miss the most obvious answers to selling their domains."

Michael Collins
VP Marketing

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"Fun & Profit..."

"...A lot of hard work, fun & profit..."

Dwayne Rowland

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"Worth The Money..."

"Clearly worth the money. Thanks a lot!"

Reinhard Hopperger

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"I Learned More In One Day Than The Last 3 Years..."

"Your ebook has caused me to change my strategy for my involvement in the buying/selling of domain names.

I learned more in the first pages of your ebook then I knew. The price was worth that alone. One of the best part of the ebook are the resources that are free or close to it."

John C. Goodwill
Tenacity Group

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"Exactly What I Was Looking For..."

"Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for.....I even printed portions of it to make it more portable so I can refer to it constantly."

Wayne Davis

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"Blown Away By The First Chapter..."

"I tell ya, I'm blown away! I've only read the first chapter! And its great!"

Ryan Needham

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"Loved It... "

"Edwin, my hero! Loved your book...learned a lot!"

Jason Felder, Canada

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"Sold My First Domain In Days..."

"You have given me an understanding from the buyer's point of view. It showed me what a potential buyer is looking for, how to find potential buyers and also how to improve the domain name to make it more appealing than other names.

After learning about this, I am now in a different frame of mind when I sell. You have shown me countless ways of improving my selling techniques.

Well I know it helped me, as I have already sold one name only days after reading this ebook and I am currently working on my second sale!

I would say that's amazing considering I hadn't sold a name since I started in 1999! And here I am starting out the year selling two!

I highly recommend this book to beginners as well as people who have been in the business for years!"

Brian Aslakson

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"You Have The Best Systematic Approach..."

"After about 10 months of looking for a home-based business network, I found your site and have stopped looking.

I think you have the best systematic approach for studying net business and much more. You are on the right track and I await the development of more from you."

Uri Geoose

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"I Feel Really Good About This..."

"Very interesting, with many resources....I feel really good about this. Thanks." :-)

Rajko Antlej

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"Thank You Very Much..."

"Thank you very much, Edwin.

I own one of the biggest real estate investing web sites on the Internet:, so I hope I will be able to market real estate related names quite successfully.

Alex Bezborodko

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"Easy To Read & Understand..."

"I'd recommend that you read this guide. Edwin shows you in detail how he makes a fortune with domain names, and how you can do the same thing.

I like the book - easy to read and understand. Packed with tips and resources to help you."


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"Bringing Domains To Life..."

"I think it's a very thorough piece of work, and goes to great lengths and detail to explain how to best put one's domain in the optimal light for 'bringing domains to life'.

Excellent writing, and also fine, credible and relevant quotes/references throughout.

Nicely formatted, and succinct...I must say I'm quite impressed."


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"I'm Amazed..."

Getting a lot of info. To be honest .. the more I'm reading the more I'm amazed by your depth of knowledge on the subject!

Pradeep Mazumder

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"Enjoyed It ..."

"I recently purchased this and I must say I really enjoyed your product!"

Chris Nott

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"Extremely Valuable Resource..."

Edwin: Thank you for sharing your experience and the advice of so many experts in this extremely valuable resource. These pages are worth their weight in gold (literally)!

I am a webmaster, database programmer, researcher, writer who has a great day job. However, for years, I have been itching to start an enterprise on my own.

Of the many ideas I have considered, becoming a domain name entrepreneur offers a way to maximize my skills with a minimum investment (other than hard work). I am not starry eyed, and before diving in, I am reading and learning as much as I can.

In a week or two of online research, I only discovered a fraction of what you cover in your book. Your ebook is not only a timesaver, but also a vital resource that I will keep nearby as I begin to wade into the domain name game.

The text is very readable. I will be using this reference from both the pdf version and printed version that I have put in a binder.

The expert interviews are invaluable. They really round out this book and make it an authoritative work.

The pages of this book live up to its title, "How I Sell My Domains", very well. You provide the reader with realistic expectations and a ton of hints and tips for selling domains. I found your work fantastic.

Thank you for sharing your expertise.

Mason Burley

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"Very Helpful..."

"Very helpful and will be for thousands of domainers world wide."

Robert S. Kieren

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"Very Useful Information..."

"Well-written... good & very useful information. Well done!"

The Domain Guru

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"Get A Better Understanding..."

"I know this sounds like a paid advertisement but I had a lot of help. Edwin not only showed me what I was doing wrong but what I was doing right!

I am still pretty fresh at this but now I get a better understanding on what people are looking for..." forum

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"More Than Your Money's Worth..."

"Read it before you buy and sell domain names for profit. You'll get more than your money's worth."


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"Open New Doors To Selling My Domains..."

"If you haven't bought Edwin's e-book on selling domain names please do. I am half way through it and I am amazed and delighted by it!

I am NOT being paid to say this, I am just excited that it has already helped me open new doors to selling my domains."

Brian Aslakson

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"It Will Show You How To Make Money With Domains..."

"The domain name business has always had a mysterious nature. Too many secrets, too many doubts, too many things never said. Or never written.

Edwin has developed a product that we believe to be a mile-stone in this field. This is one of the most complete resources. It will show you how to make money with domains."

Daniel Mejia & Max Ralli

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"New Ideas I Never Thought Of..."

"I wish I had found something similar before I got into the trade. Even though I do feel I know a little about domains name trading I am finding new ideas and sites that I had never thought of before.

Deepest respects to Edwin for producing something that has been called for."

Richard Souter

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"Expert Advise ..."

"Expert advise on the subject of domain sales!"

William J. Piniarski
CEO, WEBster Comp. Svcs,

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"Highly Recommended..."

"When is comes to selling your domains, there is a great product on the market called quite simply "How I Sell My Domain Names".

If you want to make a profit from reselling domain names, (or even if you already do and want to increase those profits), then it would be wise to check this out.

Seriously, I joined expecting very little from it because I've been buying and selling domains since 1999 (been there, done that...etc).

As it turned out I can't recommend it highly enough!"

Steven Bissett

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"Lots Of Great Information..."

"I really enjoyed this. Lots of great information."

John Steinmuller

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"By Far, The Most Informative, Outstanding Product
I Have Purchased..."

"I have purchased a number of products in the past 2 years. Yours is, by far, the most informative, outstanding product I have purchased.

It has a wealth of information and is very detailed. I am so happy to have found it. It has already helped me to begin my domain selling process.

Thank you so much for supplying this information. I will get in touch with you in the future to let you know how I have progressed.

I definitely know that without your assistance, I would not have been able to find out how to proceed with selling my domains in the most productive way."

Nancy P, N.Haven, CT

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"Realistic Approach ..."

"I have just read 22 pages and I am already impressed with your realistic approach."

Spiros Palaslis

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"Wow! All I can say is: awesome."

Ron Leger

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"Full Of Good Stuff..."

"A little note to say that having just read your book How to sell your Domain names, I found it FULL of good stuff.

Being new to the ‘business’ I have found it to be such a great help, to be able to tap into your years of experience for such a modest sum will I feel sure stand me in good stead to make a ‘success’ of my venture.

Although I have not yet moved off first base, or as we say over here, not yet broken my duck (a cricket term) I could have not had a better resource to set me off in the right direction.

Many thanks and every success now and for the future."

Alan Evans

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"Playing The Domain Game Successfully..."

" offers immediate solutions to playing the domain game successfully.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran, or new to the field. This resource guides the reader through the many options of domain ownership.

If you are serious about domains; 'How I Sell My Domain Names' is a MUST!"

Monica Van Dalen

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"Interesting and Rewarding..."

"Finding it very interesting and rewarding. I am sure once I will be a new player in the domain industry."

Vijay Raj,

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"You Made My Day..."

"Well, you made my day. And raised my motivation. Thank you sincerely for your time, help and fast response.

Feel free to use my name as a testimonial of your excellent service."

George Rossi

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"I Doubt I Could Ever Be Without It..."

"I sold my first domain. I would like to thank Edwin. A great help.

I will be using his resources more heavily in the future and I doubt I could ever be without it now."


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"My first BIG Sale This Week..."

"Sold my first big sale this week! Used many of the tips suggested.

Well worth the investment! it will simply just make you a better domain pro!"


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