Edwin John is the founder and owner of a network of business websites providing quality and innovative solutions internationally.

He holds an honours degree in Geophysics and has experience in remote sensing oil exploration, astronomy & atmospeheric science research, IT, marketing, computer hardware and software solutions, computer networking solutions, website developing and publishing, e-commerce, search engine optimization, internet marketing and writing. He's a regular contributor to various forums.

He has been featured in the Technology Section of the New York Times, April 2001. Besides various recognition and awards, his websites have enjoyed consistent top rankings and favourable media reviews.

Edwin's first ebook, featured the ground-breaking interviews of "From Domains To Dollars" and was published in 2003 to rave reviews.

His follow-up, the mega-successful "How I Sell My Domain Names: A Weekend Crash Course" has exceeded all expectations and continues to be a top seller in 30 different countries.
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He lives in sunny Penang Island with his lovely wife, PhaikSim and little princess, Julia.


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